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Masterwood GB LTD

Masterwood GB was set up in March 2009 and is the UK and Ireland office for Masterwood Spa, providing CNC machines and support.

About Us


Masterwood Spa is one of the leading suppliers dedicated to CNC solutions, supplying machines to over 100 countries around the World. After being run for over 50 years by the three Italian families of Muti, Zangheri, and Boschetti the company has now become part of the KDT Machinery Group of China, one of the largest manufacturers of woodworking machines in the World.

Our range of CNC routers, CNC drilling machines and oscillating chisel mortises all built in Italy using proven designs and leading suppliers for components like HSD, Beckhoff, Yaskawa, THK, Schmalz, and Becker are now joined by Edgebanders, high speed drilling machines, and saws in partnership with KDT.

Pod & Rail CNC’s

Starting with an entry level Project 250, moving through the larger 300 and 400 Project series to the top end Project 500 range these CNC machines can be supplied in all formats for solid timbers, panels, composites, and other materials. This includes long or short beds, cantilever or gantry designs, manual or automatic beds, in 3, 4 or 5 axis formats.

Flat Bed CNC’s

To compliment the pod and rail range Masterwood have increased the range of matrix beds for nesting and special works. These range from the entry 2500mm x 1250mm bed through a large range of sheet sizes up to beds of 7500mm in length.

These machines are built with a solid frame bed and with the gantries driven on both sides of the matrix bed for added accuracy and long lasting reliability.

The flat bed range can have infeed and outfeed systems to automate the production, allowing full sheets to be loaded, fully machined, finished panels pushed out, and the bed cleaned before the next sheet is loaded. On top of this a manual or fully automatic arm can be added for sticking labels on to the sheets prior or after machining.

Special CNC’s

To add to the main CNC range Masterwood then produce dedicated machines like the 4WIN (Windows), Project Door (Full size doors), DoorLine (Door locks and hinges), Teknomat (window and frame components). These machines can be manually fed, or in most cases supplied with a mixture of automatic loading and unloading equipment, including Robots, the employees of the future ?

Production Lines

In recent years Masterwood have been asked to provide more and more automated production lines to leading manufacturers around the World. This has covered such products as windows, doors, frames, coffins and sun glasses. The special systems have included such items as inserting weather seals into components, selecting and fixing locks into housings, special beds for machining gun parts, and special drill heads for multi drilling acoustic panels.

Dedicated Software

Developments and improvements to the CNC machines is one thing, but the biggest changes have been with software. As our PC’s have become more powerful than the software has too, allowing customers to produce programmes that consist of thousands of lines of code in minutes, allowing carvings and intricate work to be produced on the very basic 3 axis machines, often dismissing the need to go to more expensive 5 axis machines and software.

Masterwood have always produced software with their own companies, but to take this to higher levels they now work under contract with some of the leading software houses, this ensures that machines and software are fully compatible at all times.

All the machines are supplied with the tried and tested MasterWorks Cad/Cam, an easy to use, but powerful package for most CNC work.

To add to this there are dedicated packages to cover Staircases, Windows, Door Sets (timber frame & solid core), Traditional Box Windows, Cabinets, Furniture, Louvres, and the latest 3D software for 3, 4 and 5 axis work. Any of the packages can be added to a customer’s machine at any time, giving them the ability to change direction or production methods if required. All the Masterwood software packages come with full on-site installation and training to meet the customer’s manufacturing needs.


Selling and supplying machines is one thing, supporting and helping customers is the next stage, in our eyes it is the most important. For first time buyers CNC is likely to be the biggest investment their company makes, so it is important that they see the results on their production as soon as possible and feel comfortable with the direction they have taken.

Masterwood GB uses up to twelve technicians in the UK and Ireland to cover the installation and training for new and old CNC machines and software, support & back up, servicing, repairs, and breakdowns, plus upgrading old machines to be more compatible with the new machines when installed. We also have the expertise of our Italian company staff to help with the more specialised jobs when required.

A new office and showroom was opened in the Gatwick area in July 2019 giving Masterwood GB facilities for running demonstrations on the CNC machines and software plus providing short courses for new and old customers for machines and software. Within the new unit will be storage for spare parts and second hand Masterwood machines.